Nama : Arif Ruiyat

NPM : 21210083

Kelas : 3EB15


Exercise A
10.The whales headed south for winter
This sentence is WRONG. because the tense used in this sentence is simple past tense. In my opinion, the sentence should be in the simple present tense form. Why? It is because that occurence will happen continuously as long as the winter exists.

The Whales –> subject

headed —> Verb2

Exercise B
8. In a moment of worry about the problem with the cash in the account
This sentence is WRONG. It is because there is no subject. Besides, “WORRY ABOUT” is VERB phrase. So, it should be in the GERUND form (in a moment of worrying about…).
In my opinion, in order to be RIGHT sentence, the subject (I) have to be added in the sentence. So, the correct sentence is “In a moment, I worry about the problem with the cash in the acount.”

Worry —> Verb


TOEFL Exercise
3. …. grow close to the ground in the short Arctic summer.
a. Above tundra plants  WRONG, because the sentence just need subject (tundra plants). So, “Above” word (preposition) coming before subject (tundra plants) is useless (incorrect).
b. Tundra plants  RIGHT (the answer), the tense form used in this sentence is simple present tense. The simple present tense formula is “S+V1”. “Grow” in the above sentence is V1. So, what we need to complete the sentence is SUBJECT. And “Tundra plants” is the subject we need to.
c. tundra plants are found  WRONG, Tundra plants have been found in the past (a long time ago). So, the tense should be in the past form (not “are” but “were”).
d. for tundra plants  WRONG, adding “for” word before “tundra plants” just make the reader confused (kasusnya mirip no 1).

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